Electrical lab is sufficient to do the experiments related to Electric Effect and Safety Precautions, House Wiring, Domestic installations, Underground Cables, Cells and Batteries :- Construction of Lead Acid Batteries, DC and AC genera­tors and motors, AC Circuits:- Single Phase, Three Phase and its advantages, Transformers: – Theory, Designing, Construction, Working and use of Single Phase, Three Phase Step up Transformers, Inverter, Trans­formers, regulations, Single & Three phase Induction Motors. Windings:- DC Arma­ture Winding, Wave and Lap winding, Single Phase and 3 Phase winding, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Illumination:- Theory, Construction and connections of all types of lamps, Neon lamps, Neon sign, Generations, Transmission and Distribution 0f Electricity systems, Study and Maintenance of Home Appliances like Water Heater, Kettle, Oven, Mixer, Emergency lamp etc..
Electrician trade was started on 1999 We are having two Units a at a time(42 trainees). All pass out trainees are working in different electrical projects in India and abroad. The syllabus included according to NCVT as follows, Electric effect and safety precautions, house wiring, domestic installation, underground cable, cell and batteries construction of lead acid batteries, DC and AC Generators, and motors, AC circuits single phase, 3 phase and it’s advantages, transformers, theory, designing, construction, working and use of single phase, 3phase step up inverter,